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Clear Teeth Aligners (Cosmetic Teeth Straightening) – Pearland, TX

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About Teeth Aligners

Many people did not require or weren't able to have braces in their youth, but they now have some spacing or crowding problems that do not allow them to have a straight, gorgeous smile. Clear teeth straightening trays are tight fitting covers for the teeth created with see through acrylic, and sometimes plastic material that delicately shifts teeth into a straighter look. Using various sets of aligners over a specified course of time, clear teeth aligners are able to transform moderately crowded teeth and spacing issues for straighter, healthier teeth. Clear aligners are generally preferred by adults over traditional orthodontics since they are unnoticeable and can be removed for brushing, flossing, and eating. Our dentists at Highland Dental Care and Orthodontics in Pearland, TX discuss teeth straightening alternatives, including clear teeth aligners during regular appointments.

What to Expect

Each tray of clear aligners are uniquely fitted depending on the individual's present teeth alignment. Each tray of aligners are made based on impressions, X-rays, and images. The patient will be given 3 - 4 sets of trays at their appointment and our dentists will ensure that the initial set fits as they should so that modifications can be made. Our clients need to wear their aligners as much as possible. The trays should be removed for brushing and flossing, as well as eating. Within a few weeks, a new set of trays will be provided during a quick appointment at Highland Dental Care and Orthodontics.

Treatment Aftercare

The number of weeks that an individual has to wear each phase of aligners will vary based on the unique needs of each person. The estimated timeframe needed is generally discussed by our dentists at the consultation. the aligners will be worn daily until the teeth are straight. Assessments at Highland Dental Care and Orthodontics will be given at each appointment so that the straightening can be assessed. Our dentists will assist patients so they have a full understanding of the ongoing progress. After the teeth are straight, a permanent retainer device will be set on the teeth for permanent results.

Insurance Coverage

Depending on the patient's dental insurance, some of the orthodontic aligners may be paid for. Our dental office at Highland Dental Care and Orthodontics will communicate with the patient's insurance contact to confirm their benefits and provide an accurate cost of the patient's expected fees. Patients who do not have insurance coverage for orthodontics treatment, may evaluate Highland Dental Care and Orthodontics's different payment options. 

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Straighten Up Fast

Individuals in the Pearland, TX area who wish to have straight teeth may consider clear teeth aligners at Highland Dental Care and Orthodontics. Created for individuals with teeth crowding and space problems, teeth aligner trays from Highland Dental Care and Orthodontics can effectively repair these problems. Moreover, patients do not have to concern themselves with the discomfort and unattractiveness of regular braces. Discuss with our dentists and get your options for gorgeous, straight teeth.

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